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large-scale outdoor light and sound sculpture

TENSOR is an art installation by light artist Christopher Bauder and musician and composer Akiko Haruna. The work is inspired by the mathematical term “tensor,” which describes a function that relates different objects in a multidimensional space.

What would it be like to explore a new world? A place where nothing is familiar, where everything is a mystery, where the laws of physics are different? A planet full of strange phenomena made out of light and sound. TENSOR is a living artwork, changing shape, color and frequency with every moment. Beautiful and mesmerizing, but also unpredictable and frightening. It feels like a dream or a nightmare, depending on the situation. TENSOR marks a journey into the unknown, where you can see, hear and feel the unexpected. It is a technological adventure that challenges the senses and the mind.

A three-dimensional cloud of 400 suspended lights floats above the audience, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle. Akiko Haruna’s musical score amplifies the light show, blending cinematic sound design, electronic music and powerful sonic landscapes. TENSOR is a poetic expression of technology, an instrument for transforming data into beauty and emotion. Ultimately, light and darkness are fundamental elements of our existence, affecting our biological rhythms, our sense of time and space, our mood and well-being.

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