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Christopher Bauder is an artist, designer, inventor and musician from Berlin.


artist, designer, inventor and musician

“Light contains in itself all the contrasts I want to explore through art. It is an interesting medium for examining interactions of art, design and new media. It can be natural as well as artificial, it is physical as well as ephemeral, and it can be designed or used in its pure form. It is a source of energy but at the same time it uses energy. It is a subject of art and at the same time it is its object.”

Since studying Visual Communication and Experimental Media Design at the Berlin University of the Arts, Bauder has worked as an artist around the world, focusing on the transfer of bits and bytes into real space and vice versa. Light, object, space and sound are the central elements of his work.

Bauder's most famous work is probably the art installation LICHTGRENZE, which he created with his brother Marc in 2014 to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Christopher Bauder's installations and performances have delighted audiences around the world. His work has been shown at the Centre Pompidou Paris, the Noor Festival Riyadh, the MUTEK Festival Montreal, the CTM & Transmediale Festival Berlin, the Festival of Lights Lyon, the National Museum of Fine Arts Taiwan and the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, among others.

Christopher Bauder founded the design studio WHITEvoid in 2004. WHITEvoid develops spatial installations, visualisations and products for exhibitions, events, festivals and concerts. The studio consists of specialists in architecture, scenography, mechanics, electronics and software. This was followed in 2013 by the creation of KINETIC LIGHTS, a company specialising in the development and production of professional kinetic lighting technology.


In 2021, Bauder opened his DARK MATTER light art exhibition in Berlin. More than half a million people have already visited the permanent exhibition, which offers an overview of his work from the last 20 years. With the special open-air exhibitions WINTERLIGHTS and SOMMERLIGHTS, Bauder and his team have created additional seasonal highlights for DARK MATTER, which have quickly become visitor magnets, not least thanks to the popular live events. 

His projects have received numerous awards, including the German Lighting Design Award, the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Reddot Design Award, the iF Communication Design Award, the Cannes Lions and the Iconic Architecture Award.


Christopher Bauder lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

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Christopher Bauder is an artist, designer, inventor and musician from Berlin.



Designyatra conference / Goa, India

Color Conference / Lecco, Italy
IALD conference / Berlin, Germany
TouchDesigner Event / Berlin, Germany
Scena Jutra (Stage of Tomorrow) / Warsaw, Poland
Madrid Design Festival / Madrid, Spain


Mikki Kunttu's Light & Shadow International Seminar / Tampere, Finland


Scena Jutra (Stage of Tomorrow) / Warsaw, Poland


Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión / Mexico City, Mexico
Future Clubs in the Spotlight, ADE BeamLab / Amsterdam, Netherlands
C/O / Berlin, Germany
Shanghai Design Week / Shanghai, China
Lighting professionals’ event VALO/ON / Helsinki, Finland
BrandEx – International Festival of Brand Experience / Dortmund, Germany


LICHT DAVOS, 23. Europäischer Lichtkongress / Davos, Switzerland
TU Berlin Architecture for Health, Beuth Hochschule / Berlin, Germany


KIKK Festival / Namur, Belgium
The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL / London, United Kingdom
LaserFreak Treffen / Berlin, Germany
LED Forum / Sao Paolo, Brazil
Resonate / Belgrade, Serbia 


Kommunikation im Raum - ADC Seminar / Berlin Germany
Advisory Board Meeting - Atout France, ISES, FAMAB / Lyon, France


DDC Salon / Berlin, Germany
Ex Post / Prague, Czech Republic
IMEX Frankfurt / Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Wismarer DIAlog / Wismar, Germany
The Lab, OHM Berlin / Berlin Germany


SD TALKS - Hochschule Osnabrück / Osnabrück, Germany
VLOW! / Bregenz, Austria
CAN, Circle of Lights Festival, Digital October Center / Moscow, Russia
Jornada Internacional de Iluminación / Mexico City, Mexico
EXHIBITION DESIGN Magic Moments, Iconic World Conferences / Frankfurt am Main, Germany
ADC Young Masters Seminar. Kommunikation im Raum / Cologne, Germany
ELEMENTE materialForum / Berlin, Germany


Internationale Szenografie Biennale 2013 / Ludwigsburg, Germany
Filmakademie Baden Württemberg / Ludwigsburg, Germany
Scope Session Berlin / Berlin, Germany
ADC-Nachwuchskongress / Hamburg, Germany
Kunsthochschule Halle - University of Art and Design / Halle, Germany


Le Cube - centre de création numérique / Paris, France
Electroni(k) Festival / Rennes, France
Video Mapping Symposium, Platoon Kunsthalle / Berlin, Germany
Airstar's Convention / Château de Faverges-de-la-Tour, France


Professor Bauhaus University (HS Anhalt) / Dessau, Germany
Brainsalt / Zurich, Switzerland
Tongji University Shanghai / Shanghai, China
NEXT Conference / Aarhus, Denmark
Interactive Art & Design - Symposium, Universität Würzburg / Würzburg, Germany


ETH CAAD Lectures / Zurich, Switzerland


MAPT, Braunschweig University / Braunschweig, Germany


FH Trier, DESIGN FUSION / Trier, German


euroGEL / Copenhagen, Denmark 


2023  Red Dot Product Design Award / Best of Best
2023  Sinus – Systems Integration Award
2022  LIT Lighting Design Award / WINNER
2020  MUSE Awards
2018  darc awards / WINNER
2017  AIT TREND Award
2016  German Design Award / GOLD
2016  German Design Award / Special Mention
2016  iF Design Award / GOLD
2016  iF Design AWARD
2016  darc awards / Best Light Art Scheme
2016  ILDA Award - 1st PLACE
2015  Cannes Lions / GOLD
2015  Cannes Lions / BRONZE
2015  Cannes Lions / BRONZE
2015  ADC Awards / GRAND PRIX
2015  ADC Awards / GOLD
2015  ADC Awards / GOLD
2015  ADC Awards / GOLD
2015  ADC Awards / GOLD
2015  ADC Awards / GOLD
2015  ADC Awards / SILVER
2015  ADC Awards / BRONZE
2015  D&AD Award / SILVER
2015  Red Dot Communication Design AWARD
2015  Iconic Award / Best of Best
2015  German Design Award / WINNER
2014  German Design Award / WINNER
2014  Red Dot Communication Design AWARD
2014  Iconic Award / Best of Best
2014  iF Design AWARD
2014  Annual Multimedia Award / SILVER
2014  German Design Award / Special Mention
2014  ILDA Award - 1st PLACE
2013  Red Dot Communication Design AWARD
2013  Iconic Award / Best of Best
2013  iF Design AWARD
2013  iF Design AWARD
2013  Interior Innovation Award Lighting / Selection
2013  Red Dot Product Design Award / Honourable Mention
2013  DDC German Designers Club AWARD
2012  Interior Innovation Award / WINNER
2012  Media Architecture Biennale / WINNER MAB12
2011  Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany / GOLD
2011  iF Design Award / GOLD
2011  iF Design AWARD
2011  Red Dot Product Design Award / Honourable Mention 
2011  Deutscher Lichtdesign-Preis / GOLD
2011  DDC German Designers Club AWARD
2010  Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany / SILVER
2009  iF Design AWARD / Interface
2009  iF Design AWARD / Interface
2009  iF Design AWARD / Structure
2009  WEBBY Award USA / WINNER
2009  W3 Award USA / BEST IN SHOW
2009  Interactive Media Award USA / Outstanding Achievement
2008  Red Dot Communication Design AWARD
2008  Interactive Media Award USA / BEST IN CLASS
2008  FWA Online Award USA
2006  BIP (Building Interactive Playgrounds) AWARD
2004  EUROPRIX TopTalent Award TTA Austria
2003  Multimedia Transfer Award Germany

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