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POLYGON PLAYGROUND by Christopher Bauder translates a computer-generated object into real space.


audiovisual interactive installation

POLYGON PLAYGROUND translates a computer-generated object into real space. A seamless 360-degree projection covers the surface like a digital skin that reacts to its environment via sensors. POLYGON PLAYGROUND is a playground for all ages, inviting visitors to experiment. By interacting with the object, everyone becomes part of the work and directly influences its appearance.

The interactive surface plays with perception and gives the impression of  the ground moving under feet. A constantly changing, digitally expanded sculpture is created for visitors to climb over, walk around or lounge upon. Directly synchronized with the changing surface, the spatialized soundscape from Berlin’s KlingKlangKlong sound studio unfolds around the visitors. 

​The first version of POLYGON PLAYGROUND was developed in 2008. Since 2012 the installation is also part of the permanent exhibition at the Science Museum in Daegu, South Korea.

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