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audiovisual kinetic installation and performance

GRID is an audiovisual live show combining kinetic movement, light animation and electronic live music created by light artists Christopher Bauder and composer and musician Robert Henke.

GRID is an artistic approach to manifesting computer-generated shapes and surfaces in real space in the form of an audiovisual live performance. Abstract light lines of early 3D computer graphics inspired a polygonal grid suspended above the crowd. Computer-generated content is directly perceived as a tangible spatial experience without using a screen. As 3D computer graphics can be rotated in virtual space, spectators can roam freely below the animated light sculpture to alter their perspective and perception of the piece.

Every sound and each bit of music composed by Robert Henke correlates with a visual impulse and spatial alteration of the mechatronic display. Music stirs the emotions, while the mechanical movements and changes of light fascinate the eye. By doing so, the installation speaks to a fundamental fact of modern life: computers and machines have become part of our natural environment.

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